It won't come as any surprise when we say that having your tires and brakes checked on your vehicle at regular intervals is a good idea. After all, the tires are what move your vehicle on the road and grip it, while your brakes help you stop and keep you and others safe. If you're in need of tire service and brake repair, come see the service center here at Toyota of Wichita Falls and we'd be happy to provide you with the maintenance you need.

We'll take a look at tire pressure to ensure you have the right amount of air in your tires, plus we'll perform tire rotations as well to keep the tread from wearing down and making your tires last until they need to be replaced. If you do need replacement tires we can help you find the right type and size tire for your vehicle too.

As for brake services we'll make sure everything from the brake pads are in good shape to the brake rotors and brake fluid. These all work together to make sure you have the right stopping power and responsiveness. If you're noticing some squeaking or squealing noises, that's often a sign of needing new brake pads and rotors, and we'll get that service done for you too.

You can schedule service online or contact us here at Toyota of Wichita Falls and we'll set up tire and brake repair for you in our next available appointment window.

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