The new Toyota lineup is here and ready to impress customers throughout the area. You can now even custom order any of these exciting new Toyota cars, SUVs, or trucks. This new shopping process can be done at our dealership or started online now!

The Toyota Prius

Throughout its history, the Prius has been giving drivers a better way to get around. This new Toyota Prius will do just that with its unmatched efficiency. Not only is this a smart way to drive through Decatur, TX, but the Prius looks outstanding as well. The sportier stylings of the exterior transition seamlessly to a comfortable interior, giving you a bit of everything.

The Toyota Camry

For those looking for a sedan with a bit more space, try the new Toyota Camry. This is an elegant option that looks good from every angle. Inside the new Camry, you get the right balance of entertainment and functionality features. The technology is cutting-edge, and the safety features will give you complete peace of mind.

The Toyota Highlander

The new Toyota Highlander is another great SUV that will make family driving or daily commuting much more exciting. This model can even come in a hybrid option to improve its efficiency. That kind of fuel economy is sure to save you at the pump. The new Highlander offers an aggressive exterior look that will turn heads wherever the road takes you.

The Toyota RAV4

For years, customers have loved the Toyota RAV4. This is because the RAV4 has been efficient, functional, and reliable throughout every mile. The new Toyota RAV4 just adds to that overall legacy. This SUV comes with awesome fuel efficiency and a ton of innovative features. You get the complete package from this Toyota every time.

The Toyota Corolla Cross

This year brings a new model to the lineup, and that's the Toyota Corolla Cross. This versatile model will let you handle every daily challenge with ease. The exterior of a new Corolla Cross is sporty, and the interior is more than comfortable. The new Corolla Cross is going to make commuting to work much more enjoyable.

The Toyota 4Runner

Then, we have the new Toyota 4Runner. This is an SUV that is ready for your next road trip or adventure. The new 4Runner comes with enough interior space for you and your friends to take on the road together. The capability features are innovative, giving you confidence, no matter what trail lies ahead.

The Toyota Sequoia

The largest SUV in the lineup is the new Toyota Sequoia. When you have a bigger family or need the confidence of a heavy-duty ride, this is the model for you. The Sequoia offers a spacious interior with plenty of cargo room. The seats are covered in premium materials, ensuring you and the family will be comfortable for the ride ahead.

The Toyota Tacoma

When you are looking for a reliable and well-performing truck near Iowa Park, you need the new Toyota Tacoma. Customers throughout the area are loving the Tacoma because it has a solution to any driving needs. The engine configurations are dynamic, and the functionality is unmatched, making it an option for any modern driver.

The Toyota Tundra

The new Toyota Tundra is going to bring you a power like never before. This is a robust truck that is ready to tow or haul whatever your day has in store. From capability features to a confident exterior design, there is nothing the new Tundra doesn't bring to the table.

We also have a wide range of quality used models to choose from. Whether you are looking for a new or used Toyota, our dealership in Wichita Falls, TX, is the place to come. We look forward to working with you soon.

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